GLP is ‘making Zero Carbon Commuting a reality’ at Magna Park, Lutterworth.

Did you know that commuting is the single largest source of transport emissions in the UK?

Magna Park alone, could be contributing approximately 4020 tonnes of CO2e from the commute per annum… That would need an astonishing 191,000 new trees to be planted every single year to offset the commuter emissions if we were not to change our travel habits.

“Partnering with Mobilityways aligns strongly with our statement “sustainability is no longer an optional extra – it’s a must”, we have an ambition to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality at Magna Park, Lutterworth and Mobilityways has the tools and expertise to support us and our occupiers to do this.”

How can Mobilityways help?

  • Identify and access new labour pools
  • Improve existing bus services, active travel, and shared mobility provision to Magna Park
  • Reduce number of vehicles commuting to site by increasing vehicle occupancy
  • Promoting convenient, cheaper, and greener travel solutions to your employees
  • Access to data for annual reporting requirements

“I love the simplicity of Mobilityways. We need to consider it, I’m not sure what it looks like moving forwards, but it cannot be ignored.” Emma Knight, HR Business Partner (IDC Asda)

Has your organisation committed to Net Zero or Carbon Neutral targets? Do you have a Travel Plan to complete? 

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“If we fail to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality, we will fail our net zero goals. And if we fail our net zero goals, our children will not forgive us.” Ali Clabburn, CEO & Commutologist, Mobilityways.