Magna Park remains committed to being a good neighbour and to talking to local community representatives. As part of this we have established a Community Liaison Group (CLG) for the purposes of providing information and updates on current development proposals and operations at Magna Park.
We invited local representatives to form with Gazeley and Magna Park Management Limited a CLG. The membership includes local parish councils and local interest groups. Members of the CLG have agreed that minutes of their meetings will be published on this webpage.

Meetings will encourage discussion and allow members to raise issues with Gazeley, obtain feedback and share the views of the local community in relation to developments and operations at Magna Park.

The CLG will look to:

Better understand the views of local communities and facilitate dialogue.
Present opportunities to develop an understanding of Magna Park operations together with presentations from third parties.
Ensure there is a mechanism to address any comments and concerns raised by the CLG.
Communicate updates about planning conditions and obligations associated with developments at Magna Park.